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Halloween Chocolate That's Not Scary

Halloween Chocolate That's Not Scary

Happy Halloween!

We love celebrating the day of treats, tricks, laughter, and costumes.

But beware many industrial Halloween chocolates...

Behind the sweet treat you'll often find tricks, from hidden sugars, additives and chemical flavourings, to environmental destruction and deforestation from expanding cocoa plantations, and the ongoing labour conflicts in cocoa farming, including child labour...

We know that chocolate can be a scary world.

That's where we come in.



Farmers' Market Pickup Guide

Farmers' Market Pickup Guide

With the slow re-opening of some of our regular farmers' markets, we are now offering free pick up at these locations. Order online and visit us at your local farmers market to pick up your order!

  1. At checkout, select "Pick Up" as your shipping option.
  2. Follow up with an email to request pick up at any of the following locations:

    Evergreen Brickworks (Saturdays 9am - 2pm): BRICKWORKS
    St. Lawrence (Fridays or Saturdays (9am - 5pm): ST.LAWRENCE

Additional pick ups have been handed off to our partners at  Earth & City

Please order through their website...

How to grow amaranth in your home garden.

How to grow amaranth in your home garden.

A beautiful ornamental plant, amaranth grows roughly 1.5m tall and blooms into large bouquets of colourful red, purple, yellow, and golden flowers. It is an extremely low-maintenance plant that grows well in temperatures between 18-24°C but can withstand high heat and even drought-like conditions.

How to grow amaranth:

You can begin planting amaranth seed anytime between mid-May to mid-June. Seedlings can be started indoors, or the seeds can be directly planted into the garden anytime after the last frost!

  • Amaranth grows best in well-drained, loose soils with a lot...

¿Qué Pasa? An Update On Our Oaxaca Profundo Coffee Beans

¿Qué Pasa? An Update On Our Oaxaca Profundo Coffee Beans

You may have noticed our Oaxaca Profundo Coffee Beans looking a little different recently, and we’re here to answer your questions.

What happened to the Skull design bags?

With the increase in demand for our coffee during COVID19 (hands up if you’re drinking more coffee), we have temporarily run out of our classic skull-design bags. For the time being, we have switched to using plain paper bags for our coffee beans.

These bags still use a recyclable inner lining, so your coffee beans are protected from moisture and will stay fresh! We...

Jaguar News (and why you should stock-up now)

Jaguar News (and why you should stock-up now)

The good news: last weekend, our production crew turned the last of our 2019 albino cacao beans into your favourite Jaguar Pure and Jaguar Swirl chocolate bars! 

The not-good: due to ongoing COVID19 quarantine protocols in Mexico, this year’s shipment of albino cacao beans has been delayed by over 40 days. As the timeline of COVID19 mitigation protocols remains uncertain, we unfortunately cannot guarantee when these...