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Gifting Goodness this Holiday Season

Gifting Goodness this Holiday Season

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide!

We are sure to have something for every chocolate and coffee lover on your list!

We're all looking for something "unique" or "practical" when it comes to buying the perfect gifts during the holidays - but how about gifts that are sustainable? Words like "eco-friendly" and "green" get thrown around too often without really acknowledging the facts. ChocoSol works directly with our growing partners to source sustainably grown cacao that fosters forest regeneration. Our packaging is omni-biodegradable and our mission is to bring chocolate that is good for...

Allergen news release, 2021

Allergen news release, 2021

Achiote, Anatto & Nut Free news release

Truth & Reconciliation in Canada - A reflection from Founder Michael Sacco

Truth & Reconciliation in Canada - A reflection from Founder  Michael Sacco

Good morning Chocosolistas:

As I sit to write a few meditative thoughts to you all on the work of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada first let us start by recognizing that the land upon which we sit, stand, and work is the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee, the Anishnabig, and millennia of other Indigenous to Turtle Island people's whose oral history is still just being re-discovered.  
When European settlers came to North America they would not have survived without the help of the Indigenous peoples, and this is the source of our Thanksgiving tradition. ...

ChocoSol + Eco Fair Toronto 2020

Kakai+Cacao Learning Activity

Kakai+Cacao Learning Activity

Happy Halloween!

And thank you for enjoying our Halloween Chocolate That Isn't Scary as part of your Halloween celebrations. We hope this interactive learning activity is fun for kids of all ages (grown up kids included)!

Open up your Halloween Pack and take out:

  • Roasted Cacao Seeds
  • Raw Kakai Pumpkin seeds
  • Kakai+Cacao Halloween Bites

Grab a glass of water to sip on, and you're all set!


You can also download the presentation