Collection: Jaguar Collection | Rare Pataxtle Bars

ChocoSol’s multiple award-winning Jaguar chocolate. Over two decades, the Jaguar project has helped regenerate indigenous forest gardens and traditional knowledge systems. With their uniquely nutty-flavour profile and beautiful golden colour, these bars are a true plant-based “white” chocolate that is equally delicious to eat and drink!

White cacao (also known as pataxtle, or theobroma bicolor) grows in ancient forest gardens of Mexico. Not only are these forest gardens habitat for fauna like the jaguar, they provide ways for indigenous communities to create safety belts of communal use around natural areas. This is beyond conservation and is rooted in millennia of ecological and spiritual stewardship. Today, ChocoSol is proud to be part of a small cadre of chocolatiers, chefs, farmers, and artisans participating in the regeneration of pataxtle, both through seedling planting and intercultural encounter, dialogue, and exchange, as well as through recipe development and intercultural learning.