Is your chocolate vegan? Nut-free? Soy-free? Gluten-free? Dairy-free? Preservative-free?


 Help! There's an almond in my chocolate!

Don't worry, what you're seeing is a whole roasted cacao bean. This is what chocolate is made from! We place a single whole cacao bean on each end of our 75% Darkness chocolate bar for its signature look, as well as an educational opportunity to share the origins of chocolate. Many people in the north have never heard of, let alone seen or tasted, a cacao bean.

 Be assured, all of our production and products are entirely free of nuts.

 Where is your chocolate from?

We are bean-to-bar chocolate makers, meaning all our chocolates are made fresh from the raw cacao beans. Our cacao is roasted, winnowed, stone-ground, and tempered in our kitchen in Toronto, Ontario.

Our cacao is sourced directly from communities in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. We also from several ecological and social projects in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Check out the "Our Community" page to learn more!

 Is your chocolate organic?

The cacao and other ingredients we use to make our chocolates are all grown and harvested organically, naturally, sustainably, and ethically. However, organic certification is currently not feasible for many of our small-scale partner communities. This means that not all our ingredients are certified organic.

Is your coffee organic?

Our coffee is grown organically, though is not certified organic because of the small-scale nature of our partner communities. It is shade-grown, sustainable, ethical, and grown without the use of harmful chemicals.

 Is your chocolate and coffee Fair Trade?

Our products are direct-trade and horizontal-trade. This means we work directly with the producers in the countries we source from. We pay above Fair Trade pricing for our cacao, coffee, and other ingredients, and the money goes directly into the hands of the communities. Horizontal-trade means we focus on a reciprocal, equitable, and just relationship with the producers.