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Update On Darkness!

CHOCOSOL DARKNESS BAR - Removal of Whole Cacao Bean BEGINNING JAN 10, 2023

In order to continue to assure the highest level of quality and transparency in our “Rustico” line of ChocoSol eating chocolate bars we have decided, effective January 10 2023, to discontinue the placement of a roasted cacao bean on the back of our Darkness 75% bars. 

The placement of the cacao bean has been our practice since launching the Darkness bar in 2008. Over the years some customers have mistaken the bean for an almond, leaving many confused and concerned about our “free from nuts” labeling and reaching out to us to inquire. We want to thank those customers who have taken the time to contact us with their concerns and questions, all of whom were delighted to discover what a cacao bean looks and tastes like and were relieved that we are fully committed to our “free from nuts” approach. 

As such, to avoid future confusions and concerns we have decided to eliminate the cacao bean from the back of the Darkness bar. The recipe, size, cacao percentage and nutritional content of the Darkness bars will remain exactly the same.

  • Any Darkness bars with the lot code “23010” or higher will not contain a cacao bean on the back
  • The lot code is stamped on the back side of the packaging, above the Nutrition Facts table

For those of you Darkness fans who happen to adore the Darkness with the cacao bean on the back and will regret to see it go, there is limited stock of these bars still available. 

  • Any Darkness bar with the lot code “22342” or lower will contain the cacao bean on the back 
  • We are offering those of you who will miss the cacao bean a 25% discount code for purchase of whole cacao beans at our store or online!

We have a strict commitment to using the highest quality of ingredients that are ecological, nutritious and allergen-free. We appreciate your understanding as we continually strive to have the clearest communication by design in our ChocoSol products and the highest level of food quality, ecology, nutrition,  and safety by design!

The ChocoSolistas

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