Navigating Changes Together

Today we address a matter of concern regarding the current state of the cacao market. As you may already know, cacao prices have reached unprecedented levels, driven by a global supply shortage, as illustrated in the graph below:

This surge is a direct result of severe weather conditions, including extreme heat and drought, devastating cacao crops in Africa and the Caribbean.
This shortage has in turn placed immense pressure on our Central and South American cacao supply chains. 

At ChocoSol, we are closely monitoring these developments and taking proactive steps to safeguard the quality and availability of our products. We are investing in cacao inventory and production efficiencies to offset market fluctuations and ensure a steady supply for all our valued customers.

However, despite our efforts, we anticipate that these challenges may persist in the coming months. The shortage of cacao supply from Africa, coupled with increasing market prices, underscores the need for resilience in our supply chains.

To address these challenges, we are implementing some modest changes effective May 1st, 2024.

First, the price of our cacao foods will be increasing to better reflect the market and allow us to continue to offer competitive and fair pricing to our cacao farmers.

Product Original Price New Price 
Cacao Beans $16 $21
Cacao Nibs $20 $22
Cacao Powder $16 $20

Second, a few of our chocolate bars will be moving from our Rustico Collection to the Fino Collection to reflect their high-cacao content.

 Product Original Price Per Bar New Price Per Bar
Forest Garden Vanilla $8 $10 
Bird Sanctuary $8 $10
Cacao Symphony $8 $10
99% $8


100% Gratitude $8


Third, we are adjusting our pricing to be consistent across our online and in-person shopping experiences, in order to provide the best experience for all of our customers regardless of shopping preference!

For all of our Cases, Packs, and Eco Bulk Deals, we are adjusting our pricing as reflected in the chart below. These still remain your best deals on our chocolate and cacao goods while purchasing online.


New Price:
10-Bar Case

New Price:
10-Bar Eco Bulk Deal

New Price:
Drinking & Baking 4-Pack

Pre-set cases, single flavour, individually wrapped bars Pre-packed, single flavour, unpackaged bag (Pre-packed, single flavour, unpackaged bag)

Rustico Collection

$70 $67 $27

Fino Collection

$90 $87 N/a
Jaguar Collection $90 $87 n/a


In addition, we've made the hard decision to transition four of our current flavours: Ginger Turmeric 65% and 90%, Bird Sanctuary and Cacao Symphony, to limited-edition bars only. While we understand this may come as a disappointment to their fans, we assure you that the remaining bars of these flavours are still available and that these bars will make special guest appearances on our shelves!

Finally, in an effort to streamline operations and adapt to market realities, our popular 3-bar discount will continue, and always with a bonus for those bringing their own re-usable container, allowing you to enjoy savings on your favourite bars. As of May 1st, 2024, we will no longer be offering a 10-bar bulk discount deal at our boutiques and farmers' markets.

ChocoSol is more than just an eco-craft chocolate maker. We are proud to be a regenerative and ecological food enterprise, dedicated to fostering resilient, healthy, and sustainable supply chains and food systems.

As we navigate these changes together, our commitment to creating wholesome, delectable, and affordable quality food products remains unwavering. We invite you to join us in this journey of adaptation and solidarity. Thank you for your continued support of our mission and vision.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email: Our team is here to support you! 

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Dear Michael and Chocosol Staff, I have been eating your chocolate since you were bicycle powered at The Brickworks Market! It pains me to hear of your struggles and those off your suppliers! I eat your chocolate every day and will never be without it.
I have 2 bars in my cupboard as I type. Im. grateful that you have come north to Aurora. I now have several places near me that carry your incredible product. I consider it food and so nourishing non every aspect. The Cherry and pumpkin seed ones are my favourites but I eat all of them. I sincerely wish you well and I will continue buying from you no matter the cost!!

Blessings in all ways and thank you so much for the update!

Love, ❤️

Ingrid Smith
Aurora, Ontario

Ingrid Smith

Thank you for this detailed information and for the related email. Distressing to hear, but your candour is very much appreciated. I can assure you that my usual (almost) monthly ten bar Rustico will continue.

John Duncan

We appreciate your high ethical standards, excellent products and the care and support you offer your customers. Thank You!

Jasmin Tucker

Hello Chocosol Folks,

1. Are you still going to do workshops on making chocolate and adding fruits?
2. Will you still have the amazing cherry chocolate?
3. How about a blueberry chocolate?

Best, Catherine/Peduhbun Migizi Kwe


Thank you for your letter, and the continued care to take in your products, for your customers and especially for the suppliers. You remain my favorite chocolate company.

Lourenza Fourie

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