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Sweet & Spicy | Valentine's Gift Packs

Sweet & Spicy | Valentine's Gift Packs

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Indulge in a symphony of flavours with our Sweet & Spicy Valentine's Day duo! This delightful gift box features an exquisite pairing of spicy chilli and sweet cherry chocolates, meticulously crafted to captivate your taste buds. Ignite some passion with the sultry heat of our Five Chili dark chocolate, made with a unique blend of chilis from Mexico and Ontario, this artisanal bar is sure to please an adventurous palate and pairs well with red wine, scotch & sparkling wine. Contrast this with the sweet Mon Cherry, a velvety blend of rich dark chocolate infused with the sweetness of dried cherries. Perfectly balanced, this unique combination is designed to spice up your Valentines!

Each Gift Pack includes:

  • 2 x Mon Cherry D'Amour
  • 2 x Five Chili Bullet 

Free of gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, additives, and preservatives. Contains trace amounts of sunflower oil.

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