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Private Taste & Tour

Private Taste & Tour

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 ChocoSol Tasting Experience

Up to 20 people

Please email to arrange dates and options

Participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout and share their experience. Cacao and quality dark chocolate is full of complex flavours and best enjoyed with your favourite red wine or if you're feeling cozy, a nice cup of hot tea. One thing is for sure - it's always fun to taste and share with friends and peers!

Option 1 - 'Cacao is Food' Tasting
  • This tasting focuses on the concept of cacao as food, not candy.
  • Price: In-Person: $45/person and Virtual $50/person plus shipping, tax,
  • What's included? You get a chance to try a range of chocolates from our unique product lines:
    • Rustico Bars - Our classic earthy chocolate flavours include our best-selling Vanilla Sea Salt and Spicy Five Chili chocolate!
    • Fino Bars - Our unique specialty line featuring Ontario-grown inclusions such as maple toasted kakai pumpkin seeds, local mint, Quebec cranberries or Niagara cherries
    • Jaguar - Our international award winning white cacao chocolates - a truly one of a kind experience, with amazingly beautiful nutty, caramel like flavors, and a rich buttery texture
    • Cacao Foods - Have you ever tried the whole food that chocolate comes from? Well here's your chance - We select a specific origin of cacao bean, freshly roasted for a deep sensorial cacao experience. Both white and red cacao beans are included in the tasting
    • Drinking Chocolate - learn how to make traditional drinking chocolate that is healthy, delicious, and completely customizable at home from high quality dark chocolate! (BYOBourbon/Rum)

Option 2 - 'Cacao + Wine' Tasting
  • This tasting focuses on chocolate tasting with a guided wine pairing, and is designed by both our chocolate and wine educators.
  • Price: In-person: $95/person and Virtual $70/person plus shipping, tax, and standard
  • What's inside the tasting box?
    • All items included in the Cacao is Food tasting (above)
    • In person: we will pair the chocolate with wine, spirits, and a special mezcal
      Virtual: List of wine recommendations from our experienced wine educator will be provided. We provide a list of specific brands and also more general recommendations in case a certain brand is not available locally. Please note that we will NOT be able to ship any alcohol, and your attendees will need to procure themselves.
    • This tasting experience includes a session that focuses equally on chocolate and wine pairings

Option 3 - 'Cacao and Maize' Tasting - in person only

  • ChocoSol has had a long relationship in working with cacao farmers in the south and central America, but our Tortilla Project aims to highlight a Canadian staple, and our relationship with Canadian farmers.
    Price: $75/person 
  • This is a 5 course-tasting experience, which highlights both our cacao, as well non-GMO organic Canadian corn
  • You start with a welcome chocolate drink
  • Followed by a red cacao chocolate-tasting board
  • This is followed by a course of freshly made tamales and an iced drink
  • You end with a Jaguar white cacao tasting board, and coffee/tea to end your experience.

This is a great option if you want to start your event mid-late afternoon or during lunchtime! All tasting events are hosted by experienced Chocosolistas who can answer your questions and offer our unique brand of radical hospitality.

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