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Frozen Chocolate Tamale | Triple Pack | Pick up and same-day delivery (DLVVR) ONLY!

Frozen Chocolate Tamale | Triple Pack | Pick up and same-day delivery (DLVVR) ONLY!

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Frozen Chocolate Tamales | Triple pack

*Pick up, and same-day delivery (DLVVR) ONLY!

These sweet chocolaty tamales are made with non-GMO, local purple corn from Southern, Ontario. They are filled with cacao nibs, vanilla sea salt chocolate, jaguar chocolate & cacao nibs, and we love to serve them with a drizzle of melted chocolate with berries.

There is a rich history of cacao and maize in Mesoamerica, with many examples of cacao grown alongside maize and the 2 ingredients being used in traditional dishes and diets. Incorporating maize, particularly organic and Ontario grown, is a way for ChocoSol to bridge these 2 food cultures into something that is sustainable and delicious. We have worked with corn for several years, offering tamales and tortillas at farmers' markets (from 2012-2018) and we will be looking at other ways to incorporate corn into our drinks (atoles) in Fall 2021, like our newly available Seedy Chocolatte.

These are an excellent, nutritious and easy breakfast or dessert that are not overly sweet, and so easy to prepare have on hand. They are made with stone-ground, nixtamalized maize (corn) & coconut oil, as a fat substitute to a more traditional lard, which keeps them vegan, free of nuts, soy, dairy and gluten.

 Ingredients: Local sustainable purple maize, coconut oil, 65% Dark chocolate (cacao, cacao butter, raw cane sugar, vanilla, sea salt), Jaguar chocolate (cacao blanco, cacao butter, coconut sugar, Mamey Seed, vanilla pod, Rosita de cacao, achiote, seasalt), cacao nibs, baking powder.

Preparation: Simply steam your tamales - you can use a rice cooker, veggie steaming tray or place on metal sieve/draining pot over a pot of boiling water on the stove top. Cook tamales from frozen for approximately 30 min, or until the inside is soft and hot. If thawed, tamales can be heated in the microwave; however steaming is recommended for best consistency.

Pick up is only available at our St. Clair location at the moment.

Delivery options are available, but it could get difficult during summer. So, please make sure you will be able to receive the frozen pack immediately, when it is delivered, to avoid defrosting. 

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