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Virtual Tasting Experience

Virtual Tasting Experience

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ChocoSol's Virtual Tasting Experience

To book a private tasting with your friends and family or for your team at work, send us an email at 

This  unique experience allows you to taste, learn and experience ChocoSol's revolutionary chocolate. ChocoSol is a learning community and social enterprise which prides itself on transparency - ecology and producing the most ecological, nutritious and delicious chocolate we can produce.

A lot of expertise and hard work goes into sourcing, processing and pedalling out chocolate across Ontario. So fire up your zoom chat room, grab your favourite bottle of wine, or purest spring water and get ready to taste some amazing chocolate products! Our next workshop will be present a wide range of chocoSol chocolates

ChocoSol takes pride in being a co-producer in solidarity with cacao forest garden producers. Meaningful reciprocity and transparent dialogues and encounters are cornerstones of our approach to a supply chain that is good, clean and fair.

Here's what's included in the tasting box (which can be shipped or picked up): 

6 individual squares of a variety of ChocoSol chocolates from our Rustico, Fino and Jaguar chocolate lines

Roasted cacao beans, red and white variety

Here's what to expect in a virtual tour: 

  1. 5-15 minute open virtual room for informal conversation and finding out what brought each participant to the virtual table
  2. Gratitude and introduction
  3. The ritual of taste and sensory education
  4. Using sommelier science to understand the terroir of cacao origins
  5. What we mean by good clean and fair cacao: eco-gastronomy and intercultural solidarity. What is a forest garden? What does a re-generative supply chain look like? What does a cradle-to-cradle co-producer approach look like at ChocoSol? What is the teachable moment of cacao and chocolate?
  6. To pair or to alternate? That is the question
  7. To blend or not to blend? How ChocoSol's approach to tasting cacao is about critical understanding from a craft chocolate co-producer's perspective
  8. Every bite of chocolate is an invitation to engage in social and ecological regeneration work, and horizontal trade federations are the future of quality cacao, coffee, and vanilla trading to establish economy of scale through friendship and solidarity not through institutionalizations 
  9. It’s only sustainable if it’s fun! Finding joy and creativity in our daily labours and cultivating our vocation one bite at a time

This workshop series will be lead by long time Co-owner Mathieu McFadden - with 16 years' first hand experience with ChocoSol, Mathieu has become an expert at sharing the wide ranging values that ChocoSol promotes through our work. 

To book a private tasting with your friends and family or for your team at work, send us an email!

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