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Oaxaca Profundo | Whole Bean Coffee

Oaxaca Profundo | Whole Bean Coffee

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Full-bodied, medium-bold roast with delicious, rich flavours and low acidity. As a unique expression of ChocoSol’s ecological initiative, our shade-grown coffee is sourced directly from Indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is roasted fresh weekly by ChocoSol Traders. ChocoSol’s goal with our coffee has always been to support the regeneration of the forest gardens of Oaxaca, to celebrate the Indigenous communal land producers of high-quality altitude coffee of Oaxaca, and to offer customers in Ontario a fair and accessible price on a coffee that is good for “mind, body, and soil.”

Roast: Medium-bold
Body: Medium-full Body
Acidity: Medium-low

Weight per bag: 1lb
Grind: Whole bean

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, hazelnut, black cherry, and hints of jasmine.
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