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Oaxaca Profundo | Green Coffee Beans 1kg Bag

Oaxaca Profundo | Green Coffee Beans 1kg Bag

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Oaxaca Profundo - Green Coffee Beans


1kg bag

High altitude, shade grown, arabica coffee grown in the forest gardens of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Origin: Mexico
Region: Oaxaca
Varietal: Arabica, Bourbon type Pluma Hidalgo (locally propagated)
Process: Honey/Washed
Elevation: 800-1200 meters
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, nut (hazelnut). Well-rounded and bold with some black cherry notes, and hints of jasmine 

A unique expression of ChocoSol's ecological initiative, our coffee is sourced directly from Indigenous farmers working communal lands, with coffee integrated into their traditional, regenerative agro-forestry systems. Methods are organic, with locally produced compost for fertility, biodiversity to limit pests, and non-synthetic controls for fungus. To create more resilient farm operations, these forest gardens produce food for the family as well as other high-value products such allspice, mamey, and the beautiful vanilla pods used in our chocolate. 

ChocoSol's goal with our coffee has always been to support the regeneration of the forest gardens of Oaxaca, to celebrate the Indigenous communal land producers of high quality altitude coffee of Oaxaca, and to offer customers in Ontario a fair and accessible price on a coffee that is good for mind, body, and soil.