Expression of Gratitude from founder Michael Sacco

With Gratitude

In the age of the pandemic it is more important than ever to practice gratitude.

That means looking beyond the obvious challenges of being locked in our homes, or the suffering that comes with having loved ones or friends that are sick.  COVID19 is a reminder for humans to slow down our economic activity that is destroying the planet, and the health of animals, humans and ecosystems alike.  It is a reminder not to take the little things for granted.

At ChocoSol we are committed to an ecologically regenerative supply chain, and a spiritual ecology that includes the spirit with which we undertake the work of “pedalling chocolate and coffee." We take pride in feeding a hunger for food that is a symbol and vehicle for hope and regeneration.

We are grateful to the customers who found our online store and are keen to improve our online community with excellent value and ever better-quality offerings.

Sending the gift of dark chocolate and coffee can be a simple and beautiful reminder of friendship and love to someone who might need a bit of heart medicine right now, and we are happy to help you do that. Or simply sharing some extra bulk chocolate with your parents or neighbours can be a symbol of solidarity and support.

Our prayer for our food community yes that you stay strong, spring clean, and rekindle the spiritual ecology that healing from this pandemic requires. 

Our mission is to help our food community stay strong in the most nutritious, tasty, ecological an affordable way possible, and that is why we like to say that our cacao, chocolate and coffee are “Good for mind, body and soil”.

With love, grief, and gratitude,

Michael Sacco
Lead goose of the ChocoSolista army for ecological regeneration.

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thank you for your hard work and ethics. you sad it well. stay well. in gratitude

Zora Ignjatovic

Hi Michael: Thanks for the great message and chocolate. I have ordered some for me and a friend (Chris) who has been kind enough to do some shopping for me in this difficult time. But I have to say that you are not the lead “goose” but rather the lead “goat” (as this is the meaning of the name “Chivo” as they call you in Mexico). Stay safe. Don.

Don McCaskill

You are amazing!
I am budgeting but I am still getting your fabulous chocolate.
Thank you for your approach and process and sharing your knowledge and concepts.
I am in the mood for your Gratitude so I best order soon

Thanks to you and your team!!!

Best Chocolate ever!!!

Sending virtual hugs and Gratitude 😀


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