Best Chocolate in Toronto

We're delighted to once more be nominated for the Now Readers Choice Best Chocolate in Toronto! We've been stone-grinding and pedaling chocolate across Toronto for over a decade, and couldn't be here today without all of you and your support. We would be so grateful for a few moments of your time to vote for us. Just click on the link here and scroll down to the "Best Chocolate" category!

Why vote for us?

We make food, not candy. Our chocolate is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, plus low-sugar and made from only whole-food ingredients. We never use artificial flavours, additives, or preservatives.

Our chocolate is truly made from scratch, also known as bean-to-bar. Starting with raw cacao beans, we do our own roasting, winnowing, and grinding on site to produce some of Toronto's freshest chocolate.

Our materia prima, cacao, is directly sourced from Indigenous communities in southern Mexico. More recently, we've begun working alongside social and ecological cooperatives in Guatemala, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.

Our practices are ecological and sustainable. All of our ingredients are organically grown, using no pesticides or chemical inputs. We aim to produce as little waste as possible, from selling our chocolates directly without bags or packaging, to upcycling our ground coffee into an incredible fertiliser to use on our rooftop garden.

We are a small, growing team of chocolate makers and lovers! Come by our store to say hello, and see the passion and excitement we hold everyday for our work. Pick up a bar of our classic Rustico Line and taste the difference in stone-ground chocolate. Try our Specialty Line for limited-edition, specialty ingredient bars and bites.

We are so much more than just a bar of chocolate!

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Love this chocolate and coffee and the prompt service when we bought online. Thanks. It’s too good to give away but we do anyway.

andrew adach

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