How To Make A Delicious, Frothy Drinking Chocolate

"I made it at home, but it's never as good as when you make it!"

We get this comment a lot when serving up our rich, frothy, hot or iced drinking chocolates and mochas. So we're letting you in on our not-so-secret ingredient:


ChocoSol Hot Chocolate

Whether you use a blender, whisk, or go full Oaxaqueño with a wooden molinillo- make sure to use boiling water to fully melt and emulsify the chocolate, and froth your iced or hot drinking chocolate until you see that creamy foam on top! This air is not only one of the most spiritually important element of a good cacao drink, but also creates a rich and creamy mouthfeel in our decadently delicious drinking chocolate.

How to make a rich, frothy ChocoSol drinking chocolate:

    In the Blender 
    1. In a heat-proof blender, add 6 squares of drinking chocolate and 8oz of boiling water.
    2. Starting on low and gradually increasing the speed, blend for one minute.
    3. Pour into your mug and enjoy!


    1. In a pot, bring 8oz of water to a boil.
    2. Add 6 squares of drinking chocolate.
    3. Stir continuously until chocolate is melted and blended into the water.
    4. Use a whisk and rapidly aerate the drink until a froth starts appearing on the top.
    5. Pour from up high to add even more air into your drink.
    6. Enjoy!
    Options: try making our drinks with coffee for an energizing mocha, or your choice of milk for a dependently rich chocolate con leche!
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