How to Enjoy 100% Dark Chocolate

So you love the healthy benefits- but not the taste- of unsweetened dark chocolate?

You're not alone! Many of us are not used to the bitter flavour of unsweetened chocolate or cacao. And, many of us have had experiences trying 90%+ chocolate and finding it waxy, bitter, and unpleasant!

Like all things, the quality of your dark chocolate matters. With no sugar or other ingredients to distract or mellow the flavour, a bar of high cacao dark chocolate is only good when made from the best quality cacao and when tempered properly to produce that rich, creamy mouthfeel.

Our 100% Gratitude is made from direct-trade, organic cacao and is freshly roasted, winnowed, stone-ground, and tempered in our kitchens in Toronto. This chocolate bar is high in magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, and a source of calcium!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy this darkest of dark chocolates!

1. Hot chocolate:
Melt 4-6 squares of dark chocolate into a cup of hot water or your choice of milk, whisk, add sweetener of choice if desired, and enjoy!

ChocoSol hot chocolate
Photo by The Green Won
2. Baking:
Chop up or melt a few squares of dark chocolate into your next baking adventure. Why not try classic chocolate chunk cookies, brownies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate mousse, or energy balls!

Chocolate Date Bombs
Photo and recipe by Brandy Kaddoura
3. Breakfast of the Gods:
Grate some 100% cacao with jam on toast, add a few pieces into your bowl of porridge, or creating your own sweet and savoury granola!

Teri Ann Carty ChocoSol Porridge
Photo and recipe by Teri-Ann Carty

4. Savoury cooking and creating:
Did you know cacao was originally used as a spice? Add a few squares of dark chocolate to savoury dishes like mole, stew, gravy, or bean dishes for a rich and earthy unami flavour. Alternatively, try a few pieces as part of your next charcuterie or cheese platter and enjoy the savoury flavour of cacao paired with your favourite cheeses of choice!

Mole Sauce by Dora Stable
Photo and recipe by Dora Stable

5. Add a touch of sweetness:
For a decadent and nutritious treat, dip or drizzle honey or maple syrup on a square of dark chocolate and let the flavours melt together in your mouth! Or, dip your favourite fruits (dried or fresh) in melted chocolate!

Chocolate Figs

Photo and recipe by MJ Renshaw

Now you have some ideas on how to enjoy dark, pure chocolate! Tell us how you enjoy it in the comments below!

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