3 Ways To Differentiate Between Good and Bad Chocolate For Baking

Not all chocolates are created equal, and trying to find out good chocolate from the bad can be quite a daunting task. Depending on what your recipe demands, you can take your pick from various types of chocolates and various percentages of cacao. However, there are some simple attributes that lend quality to the product and take them a notch above their cheaper counterparts.


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So, if you want to find out if you are truly getting “good”, high-quality chocolate, here are a few things that you need to look out for:


  1. Appearance
    Without even touching or tasting the chocolate, you can assess its quality. Its appearance should give you a fair idea. Good chocolate is usually glossy and has an even color. Its surface is smooth and does not have any bubbles, blemishes, or cracks. If you notice gray or white spots on the surface, it means that the chocolate has bloomed, which can indicate that it has been subjected to extreme temperatures or improper handling. If your chocolate has bloomed, don’t worry! It is still safe to eat and perfectly delicious. It will just have become crumblier in texture. We recommend using bloomed or untempered chocolate to melt into baking, for use in hot chocolates, or to cook with in savoury dishes like mole or stews.

  2. Aroma
    You do not need to have the most sophisticated sense of smell to be able to determine the quality of chocolate. You can gently rub the bar to release its aroma. High-quality chocolates have a strong scent of pure chocolate that is not overpowered by any other added fragrance. It can also have fruity, nutty, or earthy undertones. Each bar will smell different depending on the origin of the cacao beans and the flavours they carry.

  3. Flavour Now, you can finally use your taste buds to assess the quality of a chocolate bar. Depending on the cocoa percentage as well as the manufacturing process, the taste of different types of chocolates may vary. However, high-quality chocolate made with the finest ingredients will always have a smooth, full-bodied texture that you can feel when you put it in your mouth, should release different flavour tones and profiles as the bar melts in your mouth, and leave a lingering chocolatey taste.

We offer an assortment of chocolate bars, including flavours such as Vanilla Sea Salt, Five Chili, and 100% Gratitude unsweetened chocolate that are perfect for enjoying on their own or for creating delicious and nutritious baked desserts. We also sell cacao in its purest forms- whole bean, nibs, and powder- for that extra powerful cacao boost!

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