3 Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate That Make It The Perfect Snack

We get it. It's hard to get through the whole day without snacking on something every few hours. But quite often, our snacking tendencies have us reaching out for some of the unhealthiest treats out there, whether it is sugar-laden candies or high-calorie chips. How about a healthier alternative? Dark chocolate is a popular snack of choice for a majority of clean eaters. It is delicious, decadent, and has a range of health benefits that are simply too good to ignore.

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Here are 3 reasons why dark chocolate is considered to be the perfect healthy snack:

  1. Dark chocolate is highly nutritious.
    High-quality dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients, and the higher the cacao percentage, the more nutritious the chocolate. A 100-gram bar of 65 to 70 percent dark chocolate or higher contains a good amount of soluble fiber, 67% recommended dietary allowance (RDI) for iron, 58% of RDI for magnesium, and more such minerals. Like everything, dark chocolate is best eaten in moderation.

  2. Dark chocolate is a source of antioxidants.
    Dark chocolate has been found to have a high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). It contains organic compounds such as polyphenols and flavanols, which work as antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect your cells against free radicals that can cause a number of diseases. In fact, dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than a number
    of fruits.

  3. Dark chocolate is great for your skin.
    If you want to snack on a sweet treat without having to worry about breaking out, dark chocolate is just what you need. It is loaded with minerals and vitamins such as iron, magnesium, and calcium, which are beneficial for your skin. They help repair, renew, and rejuvenate your skin, keeping it looking fresh and young.

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