Fri, Nov 20: Collaborative Tasting with ChocoSol & 4 Life Natural Foods

Tickets: Join 4Life Natural Foods Chef Xavier Balducci and their Pastry Chef, Tatiana Rimbault, for an intimate chocolate food tasting at ChocoSol. This is a special collaborative event with 4Life Natural Foods, hosted by ChocoSol’s Chief Market & Wholesale Animator Mathieu McFadden. Our dear friends at 4Life Natural Foods have been instrumental in collaborating and… Read More Fri, Nov 20: Collaborative Tasting with ChocoSol & 4 Life Natural Foods

Pride of the Artisan

Pride of the Artisan….made possible by the best cacao PROUD…ucers. ChocoSol is a learning community social enterprise that engages in horizontal trade with cacao producers in Southern Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Horizontal trade is direct relationship based exchange rooted in reciprocity, friendship, sharing and improving the production chain. Sustainability, ecology, health, cleanliness and even… Read More Pride of the Artisan

Nov 19: Kernel to Tortilla Workshop & Tasting

Join us for a #FeastON Nights experience, in partnership with OCTA: Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. Let’s go on the journey of a kernel of maize beginning from its history rooted in indigenous traditions, its nourishment, growth, harvest, and preservation, the ritual of nixtamalization and masa, and finally ending with wholesome food: the delicious tortilla, tostada, and tamale. Corn,… Read More Nov 19: Kernel to Tortilla Workshop & Tasting

Chocolate Workshops in November!

Sat, Nov 14: ChocoSol Chocolate Workshop Ticket information: Come discover ChocoSol and learn about our chocolate making process — artisanal, ecological, ethical, wholesome. This chocolate workshop provides interactive bean-to-bar chocolate education, a tour of the production kitchen, and hands-on ingredient preparation. Participants will also receive a guided tasting through a variety of our eating and drinking chocolates. Be prepared… Read More Chocolate Workshops in November!

Oct 31: Halloween/Day of the Dead Tasting Tour

ChocoSol is crafting a special tasting menu along with a facility tour to celebrate Hallowe’en and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at our chocolate facility and taste your way through various specialties rooted in local Ontario and Mexican food cultures. As we indulge and entice our youth with… Read More Oct 31: Halloween/Day of the Dead Tasting Tour