ChocoSoil Blog #4 – More Edible Weeds!

Watercress (Nasturtium officinale) Watercress is an aquatic plant that thrives in moisture-rich environments such as alongside streams and ponds. It can be found growing in Europe and West Asia and was brought to North America with the arrival of European immigrants. In ancient times it was a popular vegetable for its flavour and medicinal properties,… Read More ChocoSoil Blog #4 – More Edible Weeds!

Job Posting: Tortilla Project Support Staff

ChocoSol is hiring! JOB POSTING: Tortilla Project Support Staff (PDF version) We are seeking 3 to 4 enthusiastic and experienced individuals to join the ChocoSol team as Tortilla Project Support Staff for intensive hours during the period of August to October. Your main job will be to make and sell tortillas in a fast-paced environment… Read More Job Posting: Tortilla Project Support Staff

Article: Create Change in the Dominican Republic by Consuming Chocolate with Care

Most of our cacao beans are sourced through horizontal trade relationships with small-scale growers in Southern Mexico. Did you know that we also source from growers in the Dominican Republic who receive carbon credits for their organic cacao? Read more about how the Dominican Republic is supporting positive environmental action in the chocolate industry: