March Workshop: Jaguar Chocolate

Jaguar Chocolate Workshop

Thursday, March 12, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Join ChocoSol’s Founder, Michael Sacco, for a hands-on small group jaguar chocolate workshop. Attendees will grind and mold jaguar chocolate, learn about the ingredient process, and enjoy a tasting and talk.

Jaguar cacao, ye li, patastle, pataxtle, theobromae bicoloris: these are some of the English, Chinanteco, Nahuatl, and Linnean names for a cacao seed that grows in the ancient forest gardens. Not only are the forest gardens habitat for fauna like the jaguar, they provide ways for Indigenous communities to create safety belts of communal use around natural areas. This is beyond conservation, and is rooted in millennia of ecological and spiritual stewardship. Today, ChocoSol is proud to be part of a small cadre of chocolatiers, chefs, farmers, and artisans participating in the regeneration of the jaguar cacao, both through seedling planting and intercultural encounter, dialogue, and exchange, as well as through recipe development and intercultural learning.

$50 per person
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A minimum of 6 people are needed. Maximum 12. Attendees also have the opportunity to purchase jaguar chocolate at a reduced price.

About ChocoSol
ChocoSol chocolate is an open invitation to all, as our cacao is sourced via horizontal trade from Indigenous farmers in Southern Mexico and is organically grown. Our chocolate is made without dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts, and is also vegan. And it’s made right in Toronto at our new location (1131 St. Clair West).
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Green Living Show Giveaway

ChocoSol is pleased to be part of the 2015 Green Living Show: March 27 to 29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre!

To our valued customers:
Spend $40 on ChocoSol products at our 1131 St. Clair West location or one of our farmers’ markets and receive one (1) complimentary ticket (regular price $15, no cash value) to the Green Living Show. Please note that quantities are limited.

Green Living Show 2015

Cacao and Your Heart

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Cacao is a heart medicine. The high levels of magnesium in cacao feed our hearts, and the blood vessel dilating properties in cacao and the artery cleaning properties of cacao butter get our blood flowing better. Moreover, the nutrients and some of the chemical compounds in cacao make us feel happy and nourish our spirit. In particular, phenylethylamine is known for this, but cacao is more than just one chemical…it is a cocktail of unique and subtle compounds, vitamins, fats, proteins, fibers, and volatiles, that combine into a delicious morsel. When gifted, chocolate is imbued with even more power than any one element on its own.

It is for this reason that the gift of chocolate is both medicinal and spiritual, it works on the physical level and the symbolic level, to inspire us, to raise our spirits, and to be given as a gift to those that we love.

ChocoSol celebrates the way in which cacao is part of a forest garden ecology that sees plants like cacao, achiote, and vanilla expressing a deep conviviality that helps with growth, pollination, and with adding delicious and nutritious value. This trinity of the forest garden is part of the beautiful Indigenous spiritual ecology of the forest gardens and is part of the powerful symbolism of our favourite aphrodisiac: chocolate.