ChocoSol hosts informative, interactive, and fun workshops for the general public and private groups. Join us in our chocolate production kitchen and community learning space.

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We accommodate all types of groups including elementary and high school classes, bridal parties, university education seminars, corporate team building/education, parties, volunteer appreciation, or any one who wants to have a fun time eating and engaging with chocolate and tortillas.


Our chocolate and maize products are nut, dairy, soy, and gluten free, so the workshops are accessible to everyone.

Evening Offerings—

Private Chocolate Workshop – $700 + HST

  • 1.5 hour duration for a maximum of 20 people after hours
  • Includes generous samples of eating and drinking chocolate in a guided tasting
  • Engage in a tour and hands-on workshop to learn from the experts at ChocoSol

*Due to the busy summer season, we only offer on-site workshops between November and April.

Daytime Offerings—

Kernel to Tortilla Maize Workshop- $700 +HST 

Learn about our community-based tortilla project that focuses on providing local, sustainable tortillas and is inspired by Indigenous traditions. Participate in the tortilla process, which includes Nixtamal cooking of corn, stone grinding, kneading masa, and eating fresh-cooked tortillas/tamales.

  • 1.5 hour duration for a maximum of 20 people
  • Engage in a tour and hands on workshop to learn from the experts at ChocoSol 
  • Includes a tamale or tortilla meal, and chocolate bites to finish 

On-Site School Special Workshop = $1,350+ HST

A fun and interactive field trip opportunity– together we can explore questions around ecology, sustainability, food literacy, trade and community, social enterprise, and so much more. We can tailor to your classes’ learning needs and goals.

  • 2 x 1.5 hour sessions for a maximum of 20 students and teachers per session
  • Includes generous samples of eating and drinking chocolate in a guided tasting
  • Includes a tour, a discussion on cacao, ecology and tasting, as well as the opportunity to learn and play in our trans-local cookie and tortilla kitchen. 

*On-site chocolate workshops are offered after work hours. This means a start time of 6:30pm 

* For workshops on Friday evenings, there is an additional $150 fee. This covers workshop participants to enjoy fresh tortillas, tamales and drinks that we serve for our fresh masa pop-up.

Off-Site Private Chocolate Workshop – $700 + HST

  • 60 minute presentation/tasting (no additional charge for optional 30 minutes extra to sell/ engage 1-on-1)
  • Includes an engaging workshop led by ChocoSol experts on cacao, horizontal-trade, and ecological chocolate making
  • Includes samples for maximum of 20 people
  • $1 extra per person for any additional samples over 20 (sample = 3 squares of chocolate)

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“Meet your makers”- ChocoSol Taste and Tour

For the curious chocolate and tortilla lovers — we invite you to join us for an inside look at our 1131 headquarters to see and learn where and how the magic happens. Specially designed for individuals or groups up to six. 
  • $25/ person or a 5-person group special of $100 
  • Full tasting of our offerings— eating chocolate, cacao-maize cookies, and drinking chocolates 
  • A 45-minute tour of our facility. You will hear more about our history, values, and goals in our work and how we are putting them into practice daily. 
  • Plenty of time to ask questions and have discussions around cacao, ecology, sustainability, and cradle-to-cradle systems, to start. 
  • Special 15% discount on all ChocoSol products 
* Please note that due to HACCP certification guidelines we won’t be able to enter the chocolate kitchen- we can get a peak from the outside. 
*ChocoSol is unfortunately not a wheelchair accessible space and tours are conducted in English. 


To book a workshop or tour please email


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