Tortilla Project


Whole Corn · Stone Ground · Gluten Free · Local · Sustainable

Our tortilla project is community based research that focuses on creating tortillas and tamales inspired by Indigenous traditions. The project reflects our commitment to a “crop-to-tortilla” approach that provides our customers with nutritious, local and sustainable gourmet tortillas and tamales.



We make our corn tamales and tortillas from nixtamalized GMO free corn grown in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Nixtamal involves boiling the corn in an alkaline solution (either with lime stone or hardwood ash) to remove the husk of the corn. This activates the calcium, vitamins and proteins within the corn, making it 70% more digestible. The corn is then stone ground, hand kneaded into masa balls and into tamales.


All of the ingredients, including the toppings, are 97% Ontario grown and are FeastON certified! Click here to find out where you can try our fresh tortilla pizza or hot tamales at Toronto Farmers’ Markets.

Bob Kerr, an organic farmer in Chatham-Kent, holding our blue corn that is used in our tamales.

We offer inquiry-based learning workshops for kids as well as engaging workshops for adults/conferences.  We also offer catering of our fresh gourmet corn tortillas for specials events. For more information, please email us at: or call us at 416-923-6675. 

ChocoSol Tortilla Project


2 thoughts on “Tortilla Project

    1. Yes, we serve tortillas at some of our farmers’ markets! However, they are not made from corn flour. We nixtamalize local, organic white corn and then use the process of stone grinding to make masa (ie. dough) for tortillas. We then press the tortillas fresh at the market!
      Currently, you can find our tortillas at the Saturday Evergreen Brick Works farmers’ market. If you would like to buy masa balls to make the tortillas at home, you should e-mail in advance to let us know.

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