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Jaguar Swirl Drinking Chocolate 70% | 75g Bar (12sq)

Jaguar Swirl Drinking Chocolate 70% | 75g Bar (12sq)

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Jaguar Swirl Drinking Chocolate 70% | 75g Bar (12sq)

12 -Square Bar Drinking Chocolate (75g)

Our Jaguar Swirl improved format blends the red and the white cacao beans into a “non-dairy” milk chocolate format.  This allows the high protein jaguar to have a more buttery and rich flavour.  By blending the jaguar and red cacao together, not only does the jaguar taste better, but it also moves us closer to  a jaguar swirl “not-milk-chocolate” stone-ground chocolate bar of the highest calibre.

  This improvement marks one of many upcoming jaguar chocolate technical changes we continue to re-discover as we lead the charge to re-generate this ancient, ecological, nutritious and delicious Indigenous cacao tradition. 

Perfect for making hot & Iced drinking chocolates!

Ingredients: Roasted cacao nibs, white cacao, raw cane sugar, cacao butter, coconut sugar, rosita de cacao, mamey seed, vanilla, sea salt.

How to make our drinking chocolate:

  • Blender Add 6 squares of chocolate to 8oz of hot water, blend for one minute.
  • Stovetop Bring 8oz of water to a boil, add 6 squares of chocolate and stir continuously until chocolate is melted and blended into the water.
  • Tips: try making our drinks with coffee for an energizing mocha, or your choice of milk for a dependently rich chocolate con leche!
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