Greenest City Taste & Tour: September 27th

Greenest City Taste & Tour: September 27th

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We are happy to open up our doors to the community to learn more about the wonderful world of chocolate food! This facility tour will give you a sense of how we manifest our creative learning community through sharing in the story of cacao and environmental work in the land.

Our lead Taste & Tour animator is on the board of Greenest City, a small and mighty food and environmental organization centred in Parkdale.  We connect deeply with our community, where 30% of community members are low-income.  We centre our work around growing food together, sharing food together, connecting to each other and the land - essential environmental issues and solutions are foremost in our work.

We will be donating all ticket sales of this special event to Greenest city!

Our goal is to create an ecologically and socially just food system through chocolate, coffee, maize, and conviviality.


    Cost: $50/ person

    What's included: 

    • Full tasting of our offerings— drinking chocolate, eating chocolate,  local sustainable savoury item, and Jaguar chocolates
    • 45-minutes tour of our facility. You will hear more about our history, values, and goals in our work and how we are putting them into practice daily.
    • Tour will focus on ChocoSol's Ecological initiative and green roof!
    • Plenty of time to ask questions and have discussions around cacao, ecology, sustainability, and cradle-to-cradle systems, to start.
    • Special 15% discount on all ChocoSol products 

    If you have any further questions or are interested in booking a tour email 

    Please note:


    - Due to HACCP certification guidelines, certain limitations may restrict full access to certain areas.
    - ChocoSol is unfortunately not a wheelchair accessible space and tours are conducted in English.