Frozen Tamale | Triple Pack
Frozen Tamale | Triple Pack
Frozen Tamale | Triple Pack

Frozen Tamale | Triple Pack

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Frozen Tamales


Our FeastON certified tamales are made with non-GMO, local purple corn from Chatham-Kent, Ontario. They are filled with seasonal veggies and we love to serve them with salsa, pickled cabbage, fresh organic greens, and toasted pepitas. This meal has all the key elements to a good dish: its soft, crunchy, spicy, fresh, tangy, and savoury.

There is a rich history of cacao and maize in Mesoamerica with many examples of cacao grown alongside maize and the 2 ingredients being used in traditional dishes and diets. Incorporating maize, particularly organic and Ontario grown, is a way for Chocosol to bridge these 2 food cultures into something that is sustainable and delicious. We have worked with corn for several years, offering tamales and tortillas at farmers' markets (from 2012-2018) and we will be looking at other ways to incorporate corn into our drinks (atoles) in Fall 2021.

These are an excellent, nutritious and easy meal to have on hand. They are made with stone ground, nixtamilized maize (corn) & extra virgin coconut oil, as a fat substitute to the more traditional lard, which keeps them vegan, free of nuts, soy, dairy and gluten.


Available flavours:

1 - Sweet potato pinto

Ingredients: Purple maize, coconut oil, salt, sweet potato, pinto beans

2 - Pinto bean mole + sweet potato

Ingredients: Purple maize, coconut oil, salt, sweet potato, pinto beans, cacao nibs

3 - Sweet potato, pinto + epazote 

Ingredients: maize, coconut oil, salt, sweet potato, pinto beans, epazote, mixed herbs

Preparation: Simply steam them - you can use a rice cooker at home and put the tamales right on the veggie steaming tray. Cook it for appx 30min or until the inside is soft and hot. You can use a pot with boiled water on the stove top with the tamales placed on a covered metal sieve/draining pot as well. Cook from frozen. If thawed, the tamales could be heated in the microwave, but proper steaming is better.


Frozen Tamale | Triple Pack