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Equinox Bunny | Jaguar Swirl

Equinox Bunny | Jaguar Swirl

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Made from our Jaguar Swirl, a truly unique chocolate that blends white and red cacao beans into an incredibly buttery and rich chocolate. What better way to celebrate both Easter and the Spring Equinox duality of light and dark?

By blending the white cacao and red cacao together, the flavours and textures meld beautifully into a creamy "not-milk chocolate" of the highest calibre.

Ingredients: White cacao, coconut sugar, cacao butter, vanilla pod, achiote, rosita flower, mamey seed, sea salt.

Tasting notes: caramel, peanut*, coffee, butterscotch.

*No actual peanuts involved! Our Jaguar chocolate, like all our products, are nut-free.

Each Bunny weighs approx. 100g 
68% white + red cacao content

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