ChocoSol Cottage Kit

ChocoSol Cottage Kit

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A sweet treat box for Dad and for the whole family!

Enjoy your summer at the cottage with some classic ChocoSol treats! This fun cottage essentials kit has all your favorite ChocoSol treats to make summer at the cottage more wholesome and memorable. Includes our best-selling dark chocolate bars, coffee beans, drinking chocolate bars, a bag of cacao nibs, and 2 bars of of our Vanilla Sea Salt chocolate to add to your summer s'mores!

This unique gift box features:

  • 1 LB Whole Bean Coffee - please add a note to your order if you need the coffee ground
  • 1 x Mon Cherry D’Amour | 65% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 1x Kakai + Cacao | 65% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 1x Jaguar Pure | 75% Dark White Cacao Chocolate Bar - perfect as is, but also try blending a piece of this into your morning coffee, or add a few pieces to your drinking chocolate for the cult-favorite Jaguar Swirl drink!
  • 2 x Vanilla Sea Salt | 65% Dark Chocolate Bars - snap off two pieces to make s'mores!
  • 1 x Chocolatl Drinking Chocolate Triple Pack | 70% Dark Untempered - includes recipe to make refreshing iced chocolate drink
  • 340 gram bag Cacao Nibs - add to your morning porridge, pancakes, or smoothies, or as an ice cream topping for an intense chocolate boost!