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ChocoSoil | 5kg Sugar Cane bag

ChocoSoil | 5kg Sugar Cane bag

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Take advantage of our Chocosoil urban agriculture research.

*Pick up only from 1131 St.Clair W.

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ChocoSol will be selling bags of our ChocoSoil, these are roughly 5kg bags of fertilized soil in Up-cycled Sugar cane bags.

ChocoSoil is a by-product 20 years in the making, that began with a worm composting zero waste living experiment during a Master’s of Environmental Studies in 2000-2003.

Worm composting is an organic technique that replicates and proliferates beautifully in the right cultural and technical conditions.

One basic teaching of cacao is: no food of the gods without first creating and fostering the soil of the gods. Indigenous cacao cultures and forest garden techniques understood that human society’s waste could become the fertile compost of the field and forest garden regeneration when it was passed through the fingers of a culture with a cradle to cradle approach.
ChocoSoil seeks to use the waste products of our chocolate and coffee making process and combine them with local organic soil making experts with 20 years of experience. This particular batch of soil is designed to be:
-nutrient rich (N,K,P)
-light weight
-hold water once it is wet
-embody a cradle to cradle approach
-express our commitment to local green roof and urban agriculture
-combine with burlap sacs to create soil mounds for regenerative field and forest garden regeneration projects locally The ingredients in this soil include:
Each tote contains:
-High percentage of Worm castings
-Cacao bean biochar (made by Ben Prowse)
-Cacao Shells -coffee shell/husk Blend of the following Organic ingredients:
-Alfalfa Meal
-Bone Meal
-Feather Meal
-Kelp Meal
-Insect Frass

-Volcanic Rock Dust

-Sphagnum Peat
-Peat Loam To perfectly symbolize this work we are packaging the soil in upcycled organic sugar bags, and using upcycled burlap bags for larger experiments and collaborations.

Each sugar bag should fit about 5kg of soil and cost $5 per bag and be easy for customers to lift and transport.