Cacao Twin 70% | Drinking Chocolate | Triple Pack

Cacao Twin 70% | Drinking Chocolate | Triple Pack

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Cacao Twin

Drinking chocolate 


3 x 24 square bar = Triple Pack
70% cacao content

An experimental batch that combines the Jaguar bean with red cacao. Sweetened with maple sugar, this 70% chocolate is earthy and nutty with a buttery albino cacao finish.

The Cacao Twins Bar is the embodiment of our playful experimentation with ancient knowledge and modern techniques. By grinding red and white cacao together and sweetening it with a touch of Maple sugar this 70% chocolate has a rich and nutty flavour balanced by the glorious buttery texture that makes Jaguar chocolate so special.  

The myth of the Mayan Hero Twins describes how two great warriors were born from a cacao pod. The Cacao Twins is our modern tribute to this ancient knowledge as we grind Red Cacao and jaguar (white) Cacao together to create a fierce bar of 70% chocolate. With a full spectrum of flavour that balances fruity, wine notes with an earthy, nutty finish, this experimental batch of chocolate is delicately sweetened with maple sugar to keep it healthy and rich.

For Frothy Hot Chocolate: Blend 6-8 squares(depending on how thick you like it with 

8oz hot water (just down from the boil) or steamed milk of choice, for 45 seconds minimum.

Sweeten to taste - and experiment with Tea or coffee as a base!

Untempered - Bars may vary in colouration.

Ingredients: Roasted cacao nibs, maple sugar, white cacao nibs.