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Alegria Bars | Triple Pack

Alegria Bars | Triple Pack

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Alegria bars | Triple Pack

405g (3 x 135g) 

Alegrias are a traditional Mexican snack made from popped (or puffed) amaranth seeds. Our chocolate version is full of high-protein amaranth, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs, and sweet & tangy dried cranberries.

Like all of our products - these yummy bars are free of nuts dairy 

 Ingredients - Popped amaranth, kakai pumpkin seeds (roasted with maple syrup, sea salt, sunflower oil), cacao nibs, dried cranberries,  vanilla sea salt dark chocolate(65% cacao, cacao butter, vanilla, cane sugar, seasalt)

* Please note mint chocolate version of this alegria chocolate is now sold out! 


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