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99% | Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate | Triple Pack

99% | Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate | Triple Pack

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Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate -

135g bar
Approx. 99% cacao content.

Made by running a pure 100% cacao liquor through our stone-grinders, this 99% chocolate picks up the slightest hint of flavour to differentiate it from our pure 100% Gratitude chocolate bar. This Stock Up deal is perfect for you bakers, chefs, and cooks who want to control the sweetness level of your creations or create savoury dishes. It can also be used to make our famous hot and iced drinking chocolates- just add your own sweetener of choice or leave it pure and dark!

Ingredients: roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter.

May contain traces of coconut sugar, raw cane sugar, vanilla pod, sea salt, spicy chili blend, cinnamon, albino cacao. 
Free of nuts, dairy, soy, gluten, additives or preservatives.

*UNTEMPERED - crystallization/colouration may vary.

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