$20 Bulk Chocolate Deal

$20 Bulk Chocolate Deal

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Bulk deal

3X 75g Bars of Bulk Eating Chocolate.

or 3 x 130g drinking chocolates.

Please let us know which 3 flavours you'd like!

Write your selection the comments of the check-out cart! Thank you!

Eating Chocolates:

Vanilla SeaSalt 65 %

Coffee crunch 65%

Luscious Coconut 70%

Darkness 75%

Five Chili 75%

Sinfully Raw Vanilla 82%

Gratitude 100% cacao

Drinking Chocolates:

Xocolatl: Simple 70% drinking chocolate

Spicy Chili Bomba: 70% drinking chocolate with hint of chili, achiote and all-spice

Oaxacan Cinnamon: 70% Dark Chocolate with fresh ground cinnamon

99% Dark: Unsweetened Drinking chocolate