Workshops & Events

Bean-to-Bar Workshop Series

This workshop curriculum has been crafted to give you an introduction to ChocoSol and tree-to-bar chocolate making. Over the course of four workshops, you will gain a better understanding of the history and cultural significance of cacao, interculturality, ecogastronomy, and chocolate theory.

The series is best taken in its entirety with a package discount of $200 + HST per person. You can also sign up for individual workshops as priced below.

Workshop participants also receive a 15% workshop discount on all ChocoSol products at the events!

Workshop Itinerary

Taste & Tour
Upcoming Dates:

  • Sunday, September 9th at 3pm
  • Sunday, September 23rd at 3pm
  • Tuesday, October 2nd at 6pm
  • Tuesday, October 23rd at 6pm
  • Sunday, November 4th at 3pm
  • Sunday, November 18th at 3pm

Welcome to Chocosol! We are happy to open up our doors to the community to learn more about the wonderful world of chocolate food! This facility tour will give you a sense of how we manifest our creative learning community through sharing in the story of cacao and ecological work in the land.

You will receive a full tasting of our offerings where an expert Chocosolista will guide you through a tasting of our cacao and chocolate products, Mayan style Xocolatl, and artisanal eating chocolates. There will also be a 45 minute tour of our production facility where you can see how we make our award winning chocolate food (NOT chocolate candy). You will have plenty of time to engage in an in-depth bean-to-bar chocolate talk (including discussions on the history and cultural teachings of cacao, chocolate making techniques, horizontal trade, and forest garden permaculture). Learn about ChocoSol as a social enterprise/learning community that embraces ethical practices, ecological sustainability, and the slow food movement. 

Single ticket: $25 + HST per person

Dia de los Muertos & Halloween Workshop
Wednesday, October 31st - 6:30PM

Wondered why we use a skull as our logo? Join us for an evening of learning more about the roots and tradition of dia de los muertos, a day of remembrance for those who have passed and a celebration of life.  Looking at our Halloween traditions, our youth are enticed with industrial candy from questionable sources- ChocoSol hopes to foster an event connecting people with healthy, delicious chocolate treats and traditions.

Over the course of 1.5 hours you will enjoy a guided tasting, learning how our bean-to- bar chocolate is made, reflecting on what we can learn from Halloween and Day of the dead, as well as making Halloween-chocolate-that’s-not-scary!

Single ticket: $60 + HST per person

Jaguar Workshop
Wednesday, November 21st - 6:30PM

Jaguar cacao, ye li, patastle, pataxtle, theobromae bicoloris: these are some of the English, Chinanteco, Nahuatl, and Linnean names for a cacao seed that grows in the ancient forest gardens. Not only are the forest gardens habitat for fauna like the jaguar, they provide ways for Indigenous communities to create safety belts of communal use around natural areas. This is beyond conservation, and is rooted in millennia of ecological and spiritual stewardship. Today, ChocoSol is proud to be part of a small cadre of chocolatiers, chefs, farmers, and artisans participating in the regeneration of the jaguar cacao, both through seedling planting and intercultural encounter, dialogue, and exchange, as well as through recipe development and intercultural learning.

Join ChocoSol’s Founder, Michael Sacco, for a hands-on small group Jaguar chocolate making workshop 2 hours in length. Attendees will grind and mold jaguar chocolate, learn about the ingredient process, and enjoy a tasting and talk.

Single ticket: $80 + HST per person

Kernel to Tortilla Maize Workshop
Wednesday, December 12th - 6:30PM

Maize has been a staple food in the diet and worldviews of Indigenous civilizations throughout the Americas. In addition to being an important source of fibre, iron, magnesium and other essential vitamins, maize has great spiritual and religious significance. Looking at the creation story of the Haudenosaunee of Turtle Island to the Mayan Popol Vuh, the creation of the beautiful right walking humans is deeply connected to maizel. Maize can be prepared into a flour, a dough (masa), or left as a kernel, with countless ways of preparing dishes. ChocoSol sources organic blue corn of a variety we selected that is grown organically in Chatham-Kent, allowing us to build relationships with communities and people of the land we are working and living on, just as we do with those in Mexico. The blue corn is the base for all of our Mexican inspired dishes which we top with seasonal, local ingredients.

Come participate in an 1.5 hour long workshop covering the entire tortilla process:, the nixtamal cooking of corn, stone grinding, kneading masa, and eating fresh-cooked tortillas and tamales. You will get to try both savory and sweet corn dishes!

Single ticket: $60 + HST per person


Build Your Own Workshop or Special Event!

A fun and interactive way to gather together with friends, coworkers, or family- join us in curating your own chocolate experience! Our chocolate and maize products are nut, dairy, soy, and gluten free, so the workshops are accessible to everyone.

Starting at $40 per person, your group of up to 20 participants will have private access to our convivial cacao commons space for 2 hours. Here you can gather together and share chocolate bites and drinks, while learning more about out approach to socially and ecologically just stone ground cacao and maize foods.

What's included?

  • Shared tasting board of our Rustica Line and chocolate snacks

  • 1 chocolate drink per person

  • 30 minute welcoming and tour of our production facility 

If you would like to add onto your experience we have the following options available:

+ Fresh Masa Dinner
Have your evening catered by our community-based Tortilla Project. With a focus on providing local, sustainable foods inspired by Indigenous traditions, this add-on includes a fresh tortilla and tamale dinner menu.
Cost: +$15 per person

+ Interactive Chocolate Making
Work with the materia prima, the cacao, itself in a interactive hands on chocolate activity. This activity can include (but is not limited to) the following: moulding chocolate, prepping our ingredients, seeing a grind, or making our famous cookies and alegrias.
Cost: +$20 per person

  • + Founder’s Special
  • Have your workshop led by Michael Sacco, founder, director and lead goose of ChocoSol. Currently completing his PhD in Indigenous studies with his focus on cacao, expect to learn about cacao in a holistic way- from ecology, history and health, to spirituality, innovation, and humour.
    Cost: +$200

    If you have any further questions or are interested in booking your next event at ChocoSol, please email