Tortilla Project

Our Tortilla Project is community based research that focuses on creating healthy, delicious, maize foods. For our Friday evening Taste & Tours, we make tortillas and tamales inspired by Indigenous traditions, and our farmers' market famous Cacao Maize Power Cookies that bridge our chocolate and maize kitchens. The project reflects our commitment to support Ontario’s local, ecological farming community and provide our customers with nutritious, local, and sustainable food.

Tortilla Project Products

Please note, our savoury tortillas and tamales are currently only available at our Friday evening Taste & Tours. Our cookies and alegrias can be found in-store, at our farmers' markets, and special events!

Power Cookies

Our famous Cacao Maize Power Cookies are a staple at our store and farmers' markets. You can also find them at Bolt Fresh Bar. These soft, brownie-like cookies are made from our non-GMO, local corn dried and blitzed into a flour, amaranth flour, coconut oil, and dark chocolate. Finally, we place a square of our 65% Vanilla Sea Salt chocolate on top of each cookie for that extra bite of sweetness.


These crunchy bars are inspired by the common snack called "alegria" or "little joy" found across Mexico. Made from popped amaranth and our dark chocolate, plus we mix in kakai pumpkin seeds, roasted cacao nibs, and organic dried cranberries!

Tortillas & Tamales

We make our tamales and tortillas from nixtamalized, non-GMO white and purple corn grown in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Nixtamal involves boiling the corn in an alkaline solution (we use lime stone). This activates the calcium, vitamins and proteins within the corn, making it 70% more digestible. The cooked corn is then stone-ground into masa, or dough, and ready to be made into fresh tortillas and tamales! Our tamal and tortilla ingredients, including the toppings, are almost all Ontario grown! We are always experimenting with adding new local, seasonal foods to the Tortilla Project, including beans, squash, tomatoes, chilis, greens, herbs, and much more. During the summer months, we go hyper-local by using our herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers from our own rooftop garden.