We are continually developing, renewing, and growing our network and relationships with local food producers, makers, artisans, and activists in Toronto and Ontario.

Since 2015, Bob Kerr and Kerr Farms- found in Chatham Kent, Ontario- have been producing ChocoSol’s organic, non-GMO, indigenous white and purple maize, as well as organic black turtle beans and kidney beans. 

Southbrook Vineyards, close to Niagara-on-the-Lake, produces the BioFlavia in our antioxidant B-Bar.



Paul Spence and The Culinary Farm, in Ridgetown, Ontario, have partnered with ChocoSol to grow a bigger and better crop of Kakai heirloom pumpkins for our 2017 Halloween chocolate. The kakai pumpkins will be grown in ChocoSol’s burlap cacao sacks filled with a combination of ChocoSol’s cacao shell mulch and The Culinary Farm’s farm manure.