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ChocoSol is a learning community social enterprise that focuses on making the ‘food of the gods’ – commonly known as cacao – into stone ground artisanal dark chocolate. We were founded in 2004 in Oaxaca, Mexico but have been based in Toronto since 2006. Since our inception we have remained true to the culinary traditions and inter-cultural relationships that has rooted us in here and in Mexico. Our learning community social enterprise model engages in the passionate work of re-making a more ecological, just, and meaningful civil society. It is about combining learning and earning through disciplined research and creativity.

The origin of the name ChocoSol has links to 3 languages. The ‘Sol’ in ChocoSol is from the Spanish word for ‘sun’ and refers to our first 1,000 kgs of cacao that were roasted with solar power in Oaxaca. In French, ‘sol’ means soil, acknowledging that you must have the soil of the gods in order to have the food of the gods. In English ‘sol’ sounds like ‘soul’ and reminds us of the importance of conducting our work with a good mind and spirit.



ChocoSol’s Mission Statement:

To craft revolutionary chocolate that is good for mind, body, and soil.

ChocoSol’s Vision Statement

Fighting climate change and creating a just food system through chocolate, coffee, maize, and conviviality.  



Our cacao, the main ingredient in all of our chocolates, is organically and shade-grown, sourced directly from Indigenous communities and forest gardens in the Lacondon Jungle of Chiapas, Mexico and the Oaxacan mountains of Southern Mexico. In recent years we have expanded our trade relationship with cacao growers in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Our horizontal trade relationships with our farmers go beyond the mere exchange of commodities and extends to the exchange of reciprocity, best practices, social enterprise models, forest garden re-generation and friendship.


We specialize in producing and distributing eating and drinking chocolates, coffee and other forest garden foods such as vanilla, achiote, allspice, chilies and cardamon. Our chocolate is free of dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, preservatives or additives, and is also vegan. We create trans-local chocolate bars by using local ingredients from Southern Ontario such as maple sugar, chilies, mint, apple, and pumpkin seeds. Every ChocoSol product is wrapped in compostable and reusable packaging.

 To deepen our local connection in Southern Ontario, ChocoSol started the Tortilla Project in 2008. We are proudly serving a 97% local tortilla and tamale made from organic and non-GMO ingredients, and are topped with greens grown on our green roof!


We are located at 1131 St. Clair Ave West in Toronto, Canada in what is known as the ‘Cacao Commons’. Here we produce all of the chocolate from the cacao bean and all of the tortillas and tamales from the corn kernel. It is also the place where we host our workshops that are dedicated to the teachings of cacao and maize, and to lessons on what a more ethical and sustainable food system can look like. You can also visit our store front to purchase our freshest chocolates, to enjoy a hot chocolate and coffee, to learn more about ChocoSol products from our knowledgable staff or to take a peak into our production kitchen. Hope to see you here soon!



9 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. […] I got the last whole bar of the Coffee Crunch which is delicious. The Jaguar Swirl is really great too. Chocosol makes artisanal organic and free trade chocolate that is made using eco-friendly power. I love their ethics and the reciprocal trade relationship with the farmers of the cacao beans. You can read more about them on their About Us page. […]

  2. Was shopping last week in St Lawrence Market. Went to Manotas and purchased a Coffee crunch bar. Absolutely spectacular combination of flavors. Sadly, we only bought one bar (and my gourmand husband got the last piece). Do you ship products to the US? Begging…. No realy, I am BEGGING!!!
    Lisa Mergi
    Youngstown NY

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