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ChocoSol chocolate is made from a unique blend of forest-garden cacao varieties that are sourced directly from indigenous communities in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. We believe in supporting small plot intensive forest garden cacao that we consider to be one of the best examples of regenerative agro-ecological food production. 

Our horizontal trade relationships with the primary growers go beyond fair trade and organic in both growing conditions and in pricing. Moreover, our trade is relationship based on dialogue and reciprocity with the primary growers through forest garden seedling projects, soil making workshops, and chocolate making.

stone, sunbricks, vanilla, beans

ChocoSol chocolate is:

  • Free of nuts, dairy, soy, and preservatives.  We only use whole ingredients to make a chocolate that is food, not candy.
  • Low-heat, low-sheer stone ground chocolate rooted in the tradition of the food of the gods, drawing upon the best of the artisan European aesthetic of the gods tradition.
  • Made bean to bar in our ecological chocolate factory in Toronto, Canada.

We make chocolate that is good for mind, body and soil!




Eating Chocolates



Darkness (75% cacao)

Darkness is simple and beautiful.  75% dark chocolate with complex wine, nut, fruit and earth tone flavours. It’s one of the best ways to experience the flavour of our unique cacao blends!

Ingredients – stone ground roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter, raw organic cane sugar

Nutrition facts





Sinfully Raw Vanilla (82% cacao)

SRV is the best of both worlds – a rich dark chocolate mellowed with whole raw vanilla pods. Raw cacao nibs are sprinkled on the back to add extra cacao bite.

Ingredients – stone ground roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter, raw vanilla pods, raw organic cane sugar

Nutrition facts




Five Chili Bullet (75% cacao)

Excite your palate with this traditional flavour combination. A blend of dried chillies is complimented with Mayan forest garden allspice, achiote and is seasoned with Zapotec sea salt. This bullet bites back!

Ingredients – stone ground roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter, raw organic cane sugar, sea salt, achiote, allspice, arbol, tabaquero, pascilla, piquin and chiltepin peppers

Nutrition facts




Luscious Coconut (70% cacao)

Our creamiest chocolate is sure to win over any coconut lover. Coconut butter and extra virgin coconut oil is ground with the cacao to bring an added level of richness. Coconut sugar is used to offer a low-glycemic option.

Ingredients – stone ground roasted cacao nibs, coconut butter, coconut oil, coconut sugar, shredded coconut

Nutrition Facts




Vanilla Sea Salt (65% cacao)

Sure to win over dark and light chocolate lover alike, VSS is a melody of raw vanilla and sea salt that forms a delectable chocolate experience.  Enjoy on it’s own or add it your favourite baking recipe!

Ingredients – stone ground roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter, raw organic cane sugar, raw vanilla pods, sea salt.

Nutrition Facts





Coffee Crunch (65% cacao)

Who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee together? We certainly do, and what better way to celebrate that than adding our roasted Oaxacan coffee beans into each bite.

Ingredients – stone ground roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter, raw organic cane sugar, whole roasted coffee beans, raw vanilla pods, sea salt.

Nutrition Facts




Gratitude (100% cacao)

This sugar-free chocolate is all about taking the time to share gratitude for the wonderful people and food in our lives. Savour this bold chocolate with each bite and let the salicylic acid in your mouth begin the digestion and activate your tongue’s taste buds.

Ingredients: roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter

Nutrition Facts


Specialty Chocolates

Our line of specialty chocolates are made in small batches and are available during select times throughout the year. Look out for updates on our social media of when they are available in store or at our farmers’ markets!



Hemp Gold (70% cacao)

This localized chocolate bar brings together Mexican cacao with local Canadian ingredients. Peterborough hemp seeds are stone ground with cacao and sweetened with the unmistakable taste of maple sugar from Quebec. The flavour profile is pre-dominantly nutty, but is nut free!

Ingredients – stone ground cacao, cacao butter, hemp seeds, maple sugar, sea salt


jaguar display board

Jaguar Chocolate (82% cacao)

Our most unique and celebrated bar, Jaguar chocolate is made from a very rare albino cacao bean known as Theobromae Bicoloris. For over 10 years we have been working with a Chinantec community of the Sierra Norte in Oaxaca, Mexico to regenerate this varietal of cacao tree back into their forest garden. We are the only chocolate producer in the world to make this type of chocolate. Quantities are extremely limited each year.

Ingredients: stone ground roasted albino cacao beans, cacao butter, coconut sugar, vanilla pods, sea-salt, achiote, rose of cacao, mamey seed



Bird Sanctuary (85% cacao)

In 2014 we began sourcing carbon credit cacao beans from the Zorzal private reserve in the Dominican Republic (DR). This chocolate celebrates the Bicknell’s thrush migration from this cacao forest in DR to the maple forest gardens of Quebec and Vermont. This “1Bird, 2Trees, 1Continent chocolate bar” is a single source chocolate bar sweetened with maple sugar and has a hint of sea salt.

Ingredients: stone ground cacao nibs, cacao butter, maple sugar, sea salt


Drinking Chocolates


ChocoSol drinking chocolate is one of our favourite symbolic invitations and is inspired by the flavours and food traditions of Southern Mexico. It is a frothy, full-flavoured and refreshing drink that can be served hot or cold!

Come by our booth at one of our farmers’ markets or at our store for a prepared drink, or take home the packaged pucks to enjoy at home! For tips on preparing our drinking chocolate please refer to this short video



Xocolatl (70% cacao)

Xocolatl means “bitter water” and was integral to culture in ancient Mesoamerica. This chocolate is pure roasted cacao – simple and delicious!

Ingredients: stone ground roasted cacao nibs, raw organic cane sugar






Vanilla Choco-latte (70% cacao)

Whole vanilla pods are paired alongside bitter cacao tannins to form this delicious concoction that is enjoyed by all ages!

Ingredients: stone ground roasted cacao nibs, raw vanilla pods, organic cane sugar






Aztec Blood (70% cacao)

This spicy drink honours the sacred and traditional fusion of chillies and cacao. We grind achiote to add flavour and a beautiful red hue that gives this chocolate its crimson colour and provocative name.

Ingredients: stone ground roasted cacao, raw organic cane sugar, achiote, chillies





Oaxacan Cinnamon (70% cacao)

Forest garden cinnamon is ground into this traditional drinking chocolate to create an authentic taste of Oaxaca. Cinnamon warms the body and helps to lower blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: stone ground roasted cacao, raw organic cane sugar, cinnamon bark

24 thoughts on “Chocolate Products

  1. Best chocolate ever. Kind service, above and beyond every possible expectation. Great people, great cause, awesome chocolate!

  2. Amazing, delicious chocolate; unlike any I’ve ever tasted before … so rich, pure and flavorful. My daughter Sherry (Toronto) buys it for me at Christmastime. I just love it and truly appreciate that she brings it home for me each year! Thank you for the kind care you take in producing this wonderful and nutritious product.

  3. My son who attends school in Toronto brought me home some chocolate from your store this past weekend for my Birthday. Best chocolate and present I have ever got. Sure wish you could get your product up in this area (Owen Sound) I am craving it already and it has only been a couple of days since he returned to the City. Fabulous Chocolate and Novel Idea. Sue

  4. Beautiful product, purchase it at Anise Apothecary in Burlington. Would love if the mint chocolate flavour was available year round, it is by far the favourite!

  5. Amazing chocolate, which I discovered while visiting a friend in Toronto. Now I’m getting her to mail me some to Montreal : )
    Lovely shop, super-nice people and service. Everything we eat should be of the same material and human quality as your products. Long live Chocosol!

  6. Absolutely amazing. The taste is so clean and has the right amount of sweetness. The chocolate is airy, yet crumbles and then melts in your mouth! I love the raw dark chocolate in the wheel. I travel far to get this chocolate.

  7. Absolutely some of the loveliest chocolate I’ve tried and I had a chance to pick some up when going back to visit family in Toronto! (And I consider myself a devout chocoholic :P!) On par, if not better, than some of the high quality chocolate I’ve tried from chocolatiers/chocolate-makers like Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé (Hungarian), Zaabar (Brussels), Amedei (Italian), Valrhona (French), Soma (Toronto) and others. The darkness bar was perfectly balanced and I’ll be looking to ask my aunt and uncle to ship some drinking chocolate over to England for Christmas to try, too!

  8. Pulled out the 5 Chili Bullet I purchased at the Union Station market to save the dessert day! Needed a gluten free, dairy free dessert fast. Poached pears (skin on with vanilla bean, cinnamon, orange zest and peppercorns) drizzled with a healthy dose of 5 Chili Bullet chocolate. It was sublime…thank you for sharing your art.

  9. The best..I will not go with any other chocolates.They satisfy my taste buds tremendously and I like the people working there, the mindfullness towards the environment and the social consciousness

  10. Last week my wife and I visited Halifax, Nova Scotia. (We are from England). Whilst there we went to ‘Fred’s fine foods’ and bought a bar of your 5 Chili Bullet. What a mistake! We should have bought much more. Your chocolate is superb. With an expresso and a good Scotch or Irish pot still it is the sublime digestif. Thank you.

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