The following is just a snapshot of some of the cacao and coffee growers we work with in Southern Mexico. 

Don Flor is one of our key cacao orchestrators in Chiapas, Mexico. Don Flor is incredibly honest and precise. We appreciate the heart and integrity he brings to his work.
don flor
ChocoSol founder, Michael Sacco, with Don Flor and a truck load of harvested cacao. The Flor family has supplied ChocoSol with cacao for the past decade.
Don Max is one of our oldest growers and cacao orchestrators in Oaxaca. Pictured below is Don Max and his son Beto holding jaguar cacao seedlings. We have worked with Don Max on improving the jaguar cultivation in his village and exploring the deep ecology and culture contained within the tree.
Mama Natty is a grower in Chiapas. She produces all the achiote we put in our black bean mole for our tamales and tortillas. She is also the mother in an important cacao growing family. She has a spirit full of love.
Amilcar and Reyna are a family of cacao growers in Chiapas, Mexico. We thank them for all they have taught us and grown for our chocolate.

ChocoSol works with three communities in Oaxaca, Mexico to source all of our organic, shade-grown coffee beans.

Tierra Blanca
Members of the Tierra Blanca community in Sierra Sur, Oaxaca. ChocoSol works with 38 growers in the community.
Don Carlos
Don Carlos is one of the central figures of the Tierra Blanca community. Here he enjoys some of ChocoSol’s Coffee Crunch chocolate.
Since 2015, we have also been working with the Zacatepec community in Sierra Norte, Oaxaca. We work with 37 producers in this community.