Izabal Single Origin

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Izabal Single Origin

85% cacao

Try this limited edition, Guatemalan single-origin bar!

In 2017 the National Post featured ChocoSol and the Guatemalan Izabal Agro-Forest project in an article on bean to bar chocolate makers exploring the stepping stones beyond fair trade. In fact, at the time we were already proudly working with Izabal because of their amazing commitment to hardwood, cacao forest garden inter-cropping and polyculture. Moreover, the Izabal Agro-forest cacao is well fermented, ecologically grown, fairly priced, and properly cultivated in its varietal spectrum. We see great opportunity to deepen and strengthen a dialogue and relationship with these ecological cacaoteros in the coming years sourcing not only cacao and vanilla, but also exchanging research and forest garden technical knowledge.

Ingredients: cacao, coconut sugar, and cacao butter.

Tasting notes: Raisin, black tea, subtle cherry, low bitterness and low acidity.