Stocking Stuffer | 3 Vanilla Pod Pack
Stocking Stuffer | 3 Vanilla Pod Pack
Stocking Stuffer | 3 Vanilla Pod Pack

Stocking Stuffer | 3 Vanilla Pod Pack

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This holiday season, we are offering a deliciously aromatic stocking stuffer with three vanilla pods from Ecuador’s Amazon forest gardens. Perfect for your favorite baker’s stocking!

Just one more ecological gift alternative from your friendly neighbourhood chocolate and coffee pedalers at ChocoSol!

Perhaps there is nothing more beautiful than the smell of vanilla. Vanilla is the world’s favourite flavour, closely followed by chocolate! However, not all vanilla is the same in terms of ecology, ethics, and value.

ChocoSol is proud to source vanilla pods from forest gardens where cacao, coffee, achiote, mamey, and other forest garden crops flourish. We buy our pods directly from producers, which means growers benefit more directly, as we avoid the cost of expensive middlemen.

Sourced from Kallari, our partners in the Napo province of Ecuador, these vanilla pods are grown in the traditional chakra forest-gardening system of the region. Though the growers are not certified organic, all of our vanilla is grown organically without the use of any external fertilisers or sprays.

Each stocking stuffer contains 3 Organic Vanilla Pods from Ecuador.

Here's a little on how you can use these amazing vanilla beans:

Recipe Conversions: 1 vanilla bean = 1 tsp vanilla paste, or 3 tsp vanilla extract.

How to use a Vanilla Bean:
- Split the vanilla bean down its length using a paring knife.
- Scrape out the seeds/vanilla pulp from inside the bean - work with one half at a time. Hold down the tip of the bean against a cutting board, and use the dull side of the paring knife to scrape out vanilla pulp from the pod. Scrape along the full length of the bean.
- The scraped seeds can be mixed into your recipe along with the other ingredients.

Use the scarped out pods to infuse milk or cream with subtle vanilla flavor, or stick the scrapeed pods in a canister of sugar to make vanilla-infused sugar.

How to make Homemade Vanilla Extract: Split 3-4 vanilla beans in half lengthways, and don't scrape out the pulp/seed. Place the split beans in a small bottle or jar and cover with vodka (or rum), filling the jar all the way to the top. Seal the bottle and shake thoroughly. Set aside for 4-6 weeks, giving it a shake once a week. The extract gets more flavorful over time, but needs a minimum of 4-6 weeks to be ready for use.

Storing Vanilla Beans: Store your vanilla pods at room temperature, protected from from heat and light, in an airtight bag with extra air pressed out. Vanilla beans slowly dry out over time, even if kept sealed in their original packaging, so use them while they’re still fresh and plump!

Stocking Stuffer | 3 Vanilla Pod Pack