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For the Eco-Warrior looking to stock up, we have a new format!

What are the Bulk Deals?

Due to COVID19, we find ourselves overloaded with bulk chocolates that were destined for springtime farmers' markets and events. We want to offer you the best deal we've ever done, and reduce waste and excess packaging all at the same time!

On our Rustico Line, you can save over $50, get a sweet treat during a difficult time, and support your local chocolate pedalers.

Vanilla Sea Salt

1kg (approx. 13 x 75g bars).
65% cacao content.

Sure to win over dark and light chocolate lovers alike, Vanilla Sea Salt is our lightest and sweetest chocolate, featuring a melody of raw vanilla and sea salt that forms a delectable chocolate experience. Enjoy on its own or add it your favourite baking recipe!

Ingredients: cacao, raw cane sugar, cacao butter, roasted coffee beans, vanilla pod, sea salt.