Stay Home & Stock Up Deals

Update (May 22): As we slowly but surely start to prepare for the gradual re-opening of our store and farmers' markets locations, we are winding down our Stock Up deals. For those still looking for a great deal, check out our Rustico Line case offers- a savings of $15 on 10 beautifully wrapped bars!

These are difficult, unprecedented times for all of us. But we have seen our communities rally together to protect the most vulnerable and support each other. We want to play our part- and so we're bringing our best bulk eco-deals to the online world! Now more than ever, we appreciate our community and our ChocoFamilia for all support you can give us to keep our grinders going and our chocolate-making moving.

Order in bulk, stock up, stay inside, and support your local chocolate pedalers while enjoying our delicious dark chocolate!