Collection: New Year New You 2023 Collection

Kick off 2023 with the power of CACAO ✨

Our chocolates are made from directly sourced cacao from forest garden's of Meso & south America. Our chocolate production goes through vigorous quality controls and is produced with utmost care, to the environment, your health and your happiness!

Here are a few of our darkest bars & products made with nourishing whole ingredients.

Stone ground cacao is a traditional technique we use to not only provide a richly textured chocolate but also maintain the anti-oxidants, magnesium and iron naturally found in cacao.

A little goes a long way so try adding some to your morning breakfast, a mid-day pick-me-up or for a low sugar hot chocolate drink 🍫

Curious about what kind of Testing ChocoSol is doing to test for Heavy metals & other toxins? 

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