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Mega  Bunny | 780g 65% Vanilla Sea Salt

Mega Bunny | 780g 65% Vanilla Sea Salt

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Mega Bunny

This mighty chonker is free of allergens, Free of Nuts dairy, soy, gluten additives and preservatives and is offered with minimal packaging. Limited run of 8 of these totals and comes at a great deal of 50$ for 780g - For those familiar with our Bulk Stock up Deal this is an even better value!

The Zapateaster bunny strikes again!

Ingredients: roasted cacao, raw cane sugar, cacao butter, vanilla pods, sea salt. Disclaimer: While we do our best to protect our products from damage, once the box has left our shop it is out of our control.

Any damage that is incurred during shipping should be reported to the shipping company immediately. Refunds may not be given for shipping delays or damage caused by inclement weather, package refusal, and/or incomplete or incorrect delivery address.