Claws and Paws Bunny Gift Pack | 5 Items

Claws and Paws Bunny Gift Pack | 5 Items

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Claws and Paws Gift Pack

A fun Easter Gift basket filled with all our favorite animal friends, to welcome a much needed Spring season! This gift basket includes all our favorite spring things! Two bunnies - one dark, made with our classic 65% Vanilla Sea Salt chocolate, and one light, made with our award winning Jaguar (White cacao) chocolate.

Apart from the bunny paws in this basket, there's claws from our cult favorite Jaguar bars, and our exciting 85% dark, maple sugar sweetened, Bird Sanctuary (Zorzal) Bar.

This special selection highlights two very special agro-forestry projects, dear to our hearts. The 'Jaguar' comes from a very special community in Chinantla of Southern Mexico. The women & men of this village are true stewards of the forest that the jaguars call home. Through the cultivation of white cacao and other forest garden jewels, this community fosters habitat for the wild jaguars and other fauna that inhabit their jungles.

Another great initiative which looks beyond commodities, is the Zorzal project, which creates habitat for the migratory 'Bicknell's Thrush' in the Dominican Republic, while producing some amazing fine aroma cacao.

Here's what you'll find in your Claws and Paws Gift Pack:

  1.  Vanilla Sea Salt Bunny - 65% dark chocolate
  2.  Golden Bunny - 75% Jaguar white cacao chocolate
  3.  Jaguar Pure Bar - 75% Jaguar white cacao chocolate
  4.  Jaguar Swirl Drinking chocolate Bar - 68% white and red cacao chocolate
  5.  Bird Sanctuary Bar - 85% single origin cacao with maple sugar and sea salt

This beautiful array of bars and bunnies are all wrapped with some pastel coloured paper.