Horizontal Trading Network

Direct and Horizontally Traded Raw Cacao Products

What is the Horizontal Trading Network?

For inspired and inspiring chocolate makers, we offer raw cacao beans and cacao butter at competitive and low-margin pricing. We also offer transparency and direct relationship opportunities at origin.

What do we have to offer?

As direct and horizontal traders, we source the highest quality cacao and cacao products from communities in the South. We work with communities practicing ecological, sustainable, regenerative, and socially-just methods of cacao production.

Why purchase through us?

As chocolate makers, we source only the best cacao for chocolate production. Each bean varietal offers a unique flavour profile enhanced by specialised fermentation methods. 

We seek to support and work alongside other craft chocolate makers to bring up the standards and values in Canadian, American, and global chocolate making. That is why we offer low-margin pricing and facilitate the logistics of cacao purchasing through our trading network. 

As horizontal traders, we act as the guarantor for socially and ecologically sustainable growing and transportation methods. From direct-trade with forest-garden projects in southern Mexico, to bird sanctuary cacao from the Dominican Republic, to co-cooperatively owned and operated Ecuadorian cacao, we take pride in supporting producers in the South doing the heart and soul work of sustainable production. We also offer access to unique bean varietals grown by small-holding cacao producers, and the opportunity to support small-scale cacao producer families and communities across the South. 

Pricing System

We offer a three-tiered pricing system. All prices are based on the cost of cacao and labour, shipping and handling, and storage.
All pricing is per kg. 

Pre-Purchase Buyers Landed Inventory Buyers Small-Scale Buyers
  • Cost + 15%,
  • Minimum purchase of 500kg (single varietal) 
  • Must be purchased a minimum of three weeks before the shipping date.

  • Cost + 30%,
  • Minimum purchase of 500kg.
  • The total purchase can be made of different varietals.
  • Each varietal is sold by sack (69kg).

  • Cost + 50%,
  • Minimum purchase of 500kg.
  • The total purchase can be made of different varietals.
  • Each varietal is sold by sack (69kg).


     Sample Buyers
    Cost + 80% for those interested in less than the 69kg minimum.
    Each varietal is sold by the KG.

    Additional fees for local storage and shipping will apply.

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