Fino Line

ChocoSol's Fino Line is about celebrating the craft and art of sourcing and making excellent chocolate foods.  Once a year we take time to work on celebrating some of the best origins and terroir cacao's that we use in our ChocoSol blends.  Furthermore, we see it as an educational opportunity for our team and our customers to explore and savour the different tasting notes in our usually complex and balanced bars.

Where the Rustico line is stone ground for 8 hours, our Fino Line is stone ground for 24 hours. One approach to enjoying this chocolate line is to purchase several different origins and to taste each origin independently, and then experiment with creating flavour sandwiches to experiment with what your taste buds might feel is the best combination. 

Furthermore, all our Fino Line is 85% dark and with alternatives to cane sugar, designed to appeal to the chocolate oficinado looking for pleasure in taste and potency of cacao and not in sweetness.   Furthermore, we hope  that our customers can also take a moment to savour the direct and intercultural and ecological trading relationships that go into the work of sourcing these special and rearely celebrated varietals from Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.  Viva la revolucion of an ecologically regnerative supply chain that builds intercultural bridges and celebrates the food of the gods as a vehicle for exploration.