R&D Seedy Chocolatte | Triple Pack

R&D Seedy Chocolatte | Triple Pack

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Seedy Chocolatte | Triple Pack


12 servings

Seed Mylk Chocolate - New product from our R&D team!

This product uses kakai seeds and maize to add a creamy texture to our classic drinking chocolate.

Test out this product with a triple pack of drinking chocolate bars and we'd love to hear your feedback. 

All ingredients are organically grown, our blue maize is non-GMO corn grown for Chocosol - we've been seed saving and weathering our maize for over 8 years in Ontario.

Kakai Pumpkin seesd are also part of our local supply chain, these heriloom seeds are loaded with proteine and help give thus chocolate it's nutty, creamy texture.

White cacao also known as Jaguar cacao or Patastle -  this special seed is related to cacao, and is part of over 12 years of agro-forestry regeneration and supply chain work directly with a Chinantec community in Oaxaca, Mexico.  White cacao, and the farmers who cultivate it are an important of Chocosol's work.

Ingredients:  70% Roasted cacao, Maple sugar, cacao butter, Kakai pumpkin seeds, white cacao, nixtamal corn, vanilla, sea salt.

Free of: Nuts, dairy, soy, gluten, additives and preservatives

 How to make our drinking chocolate:

  • Blender Add 6 squares of chocolate to 8oz of hot water, blend for one minute.
  • Stovetop Bring 8oz of water to a boil, add 6 squares of chocolate and stir continuously until chocolate is melted and blended into the water.
  • Tips: try making our drinks with coffee for an energizing mocha, or your choice of milk for a dependently rich chocolate con leche!