Albino Cacao + Jaguar Chocolate Pack

Albino Cacao + Jaguar Chocolate Pack

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A collection of our most unique and award-winning albino cacao chocolate bars and beans. Known as Jaguar cacao, albino cacao, cacao blanco, pataxtle, and by many other names across central and south America, these white beans are rich, nutty, and entirely unique. With these dairy-free, creamy and decadent golden chocolates, we are proud to be changing minds and expanding horizons in the craft chocolate world. Our Jaguar Line also represents ChocoSol's forest-garden regeneration project in the highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico.

These bars have won medals and special mentions from the International Chocolate Awards each year for the past 3 years!

Also included in this collection is one of our classic 75% Darkness bars to compare and contrast the flavour profile of theobroma cacao and theobroma bicolor (albino).

Each pack contains:

  • 1 x Darkness
  • 3 x Jaguar Pure, Jaguar Swirl, Harvest or Crunch
  • 350g roasted albino Jaguar cacao beans