Website Maintenance Notice

Please take note that our website will be taken offline for short period while we give it a few updates and a fresh makeover!

Tuesday, July 28th at 3pm
Wednesday, July 29th at 11pm

To place an order during this time:

  1. Use our order form (click here);
  2. Call our store at (416) 923-6675 between 12pm - 6pm;
  3. Email us at;
  4. Or come by our storefront in-person to see what we have for you!

Payment can be done through any of the following:

    1. Direct-deposit to
    2. PayPal transfers to
    3. Cash payments (in-store only)


    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work hard to make our online shop as welcoming, friendly, and convivial as we possibly can!

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