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Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner, and we're so excited to have a range of gift ideas and packs perfect for every chocolate connoisseur, local and artisanal foodie, coffee lover, and more!

For the sweethearts:

Our most popular bars, and our sweetest, are made with a decadently rich and delicately aromatic 65% cacao + vanilla chocolate. A dash of sea salt accentuates that sweetness.

Try our classic Vanilla Sea Salt, or chocolate infused with pumpkin seedssweet cherries, mint, or cranberries!

ChocoSol Cherry Chocolate

For the purest of cacao lovers:

Try our Food of the Gods Dark Chocolate Pack, which includes the darkest of our Rustico Line chocolate bars, one of our 85% Single Origin limited-edition bars, and roasted cacao products.

Got someone interested in chocolate making? Get them a bag of our freshly roasted cacao powder, nibs, or whole beans to experiment with!

ChocoSol Cacao Beans Nibs Powder

For the adventurous: 

Did you know that chilis are one of the most ancient flavour additions to cacao and chocolate? We follow this ancient tradition with our Five Chili Bullet and our Aztec Blood drinking chocolate! Integrating our house blend of chilis with a touch of allspice and achiote, these chocolates have a bite!

If you prefer your spices on the warm side, you'll love our Oaxacan Cinnamon drinking chocolate. Soothing, comforting, and a shoutout to the most popular chocolate mix in Oaxaca!

Really looking for that Taste of Oaxaca? Try this selection pack that includes the very best of our Oaxaca-to-Ontario relationships. From our freshly roasted Oaxacan coffee beans, a bar of our Five Chili Bullet spicy chocolate, to our most unique albino cacao Jaguar Pure sourced from the highlands of Oaxaca- this selection pack is as unique and diverse as Oaxaca itself!

ChocoSol Taste of Oaxaca Pack

For the local foodie:

All of our chocolates are made from the bean-to-the-bar in our Toronto home, making them one of the freshest and most local chocolates you can buy! Plus, many of our specialty and seasonal specials integrate locally grown ingredients to bring an Ontarian twist to our dark chocolates! These bars include maple-toasted pumpkin seeds, sweet cherries, merry mint, and festive cranberries!

ChocoSol Mon Cherry D'amour

For the sugar-conscious:

One of our many catchphrases is that we make food, not candy. Our Keto Kit embraces this with a sample selection of coconut-sugar and no-sugar chocolate bars and freshly roasted cacao powder, perfect for sugar-free holiday baking and cooking.

ChocoSol Jaguar Pure Albino Cacao Chocolate

For the chocolate devotee:

Love the classics? Try our Rustico Pack of all seven bars of our ever-popular flavours, ranging from sweet 65% cacao to pure 100% dark chocolate.

For the hot chocolate fanatic, try our Drinking Chocolate Pack with all three of our classic flavours, or our holiday special, Xocolatl Lovers Pack with all the tools you need to make and serve traditional Mexican-style chocolate con agua! 

Try our most unique line of Jaguar chocolates in our Jaguar Pack! Made from theobroma bicolor, also known as albino cacao or Jaguar cacao, these golden chocolates are incredibly creamy, complex, and utterly unique! 

Or include our limited-edition holiday specials in our Festive Joy Holiday Pack for a festive twist, and our Choco-Soul Basket for sharing with friends, family, and favourites! 

For stuffing every stocking:

Did you know we sell our stone-ground chocolate bars by the case? Choose your favourite flavour and get 9 of our classic Rustico bars and save $12, or 9 of our Specialty bars and save $10! 

ChocoSol Vanilla Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

And more...

Got a coffee lover on the list? Our freshly roasted Oaxaca Profundo coffee beans are organic, shade-grown, and directly-traded from Oaxaca, Mexico. A medium-bold roast, these beans are mellow, smooth, with a hint of hazelnut and chocolate notes.

Baking up a storm for the holidays? Try our freshly roasted cacao powder, nibs, or whole beans for a dark and rich cacao flavour or crunch.
Pro tip: did you know in Central and South America, cacao is used most commonly as a spice? While Mexican mole is traditional, you can also add cacao nibs to your gravy or other savoury dishes for a rich and satisfying umami flavour!

ChocoSol Dark Chocolates

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